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After purchase, get immediate access to these files and documents:

  • An onboarding document containing links to a coaching intake questionnaire and a private link to schedule sessions with me
  • An bonus video on UX portfolios 

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Are you facing a tough roadblock on this career journey and don’t know how to proceed? Inundated with too much information, and need an expert hand in navigating your UX career?

UX Career Coaching is for the self aware designer seeking to drastically accelerate progress in the UX field. 

How does it work? 

Mentees usually come to me with:

  • An existing, outdated asset like resume & portfolio, OR
  • A career inflection point like upcoming UX interviews or transitioning into a new role.

Then, we tackle your problem through a series of in-depth coaching sessions.

Everyone's needs are different, so I offer both 1-hour consulting sessions and longer engagements. 

- single sessions 

is a 1-hour, intensive workshops in which we   for one of your career hurdles. Usually this means one of the following:

  • Expert portfolio review
  • Fixing your resume 
  • Practice UX interviews 

 is $250. You can book as many as are available during checkout. For longer engagements, save more by buying one of the package sessions below:

- 4 session package 

Usually done over four 1-hour sessions in a span of one month, this package is especially good for completely finishing one desired output:

  • Overhauling your portfolio & case studies
  • Re-writing your resume
  • Deeper UX interview practice 

In some cases, mentees finish their desired output early. The remaining time can be used to work through other aspects of your career. 

The 4 Session Package is $900, which is a 10% savings over booking 4 individual sessions separately. 

As a bonus, you can elect to get one of my UX courses free of charge. 

- 8 session package

This package is for UXers seeking a complete UX career makeover. Consider this an extension of Relay to cover additional career challenges. 

Example: one of my mentees invested in Marathon to create case studies from scratch with me  work through the individual company applications she was applying for.

The 8 Session Package is $1600, which is a 20% savings over booking 8 individual sessions separately.

Mega bonus: this package also entitles you to receiving all my existing and future UX courses, at no extra charge. 

The True Value of UX Coaching

Each of my sessions comes with a detailed post-session email of the tips & resources discussed and clear next action steps. 

This sounds simple, but I save UX mentees time by helping them focus on the right things and telling them what  to worry about. 

You’ll not only get guidance on what to do and what NOT to do, but also understand the reasons behind my tailored advice on portfolios, resumes and interviews.

Why spin your wheels endlessly when you can get an experienced UX Designer who's mentored hundreds of students and got dozens of mentees hired? 

If you're ready to accelerate your UX career, invest in career coaching with me. 

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UX Coaching

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